USA Football

Mission Statement

LCFCA Mission Statement

To promote a positive environment in competitive youth tackle football and cheer, fostering character, athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship.




Coaches Corner

 Coaches By-Laws


 The coaching staff of a team, be it a cheerleading, or a football team, is in complete charge of the team whenever it is together on the practice or playing field, whenever it is traveling as a group to and from practice sessions and games, and/or whenever it is together for any other team function, such as a banquet. The coaching staff is under the direction of the Director of Coaches, Director of Cheerleading, President and Vice-President. Other coaches are called assistant coaches. All coaches must abide strictly by the LCFCA and NYSCA coaches code of conduct. Coaches must complete a coaching application. Coaches must submit their names (and any aliases) for a police records check. A head coach must be at least twenty one years of age. Assistant coaches must be at least eighteen years of age or a high school graduate.

Coaches are appointed based on a “points system” as adopted by the LCFCA board. Preceding each season the board will evaluate current coaches ‘points’ and positions will be awarded upon certification by the LCFCA Board. The Board of Directors shall have the sole authority to supersede the point system for valid cause and with a majority vote can replace a coaching candidate as it deems in the best interest of the LCFCA.

Each team will have a Head Coach and no more than (4) Assistant Coaches.  All coaches and assistant coaches are required to file an application with LCFCA.

A background investigation will be conducted on each coaching applicant.

All Coaches will be USA FOOTBALL certified.  Proof of certification must be provided to LCFCA.  Returning Head Coaches must notify the Director of Coaches on their intent on returning as a Coach by June 1 of the next year.

A baseline of points for coaches will be established for the years prior to the 2008 season. After the baseline is set, additional points will be awarded for each subsequent year of coaching experience in LCFCA.   The Director of Coaches will be responsible for tracking Coaches Points. The points will be based on the following guidelines: 

Points Awarded: 

1.   Previous Season Coaching

  • Head Coach same age group-4, new age group-2      
  • Assistant Coach same age group-3, new age group-1   

2.   Legacy Coaching    

  • 1-4yr: 1
  • 5-9yr: 3 
  • 10-14yr: 5
  • 15+ yr: 7   

3.     Previous Season Playoffs (no intercity points awarded) 

  • 1 pt (1/2 pt for assistant coach) for each level attained, maximum 2 pt for head coach, 1 pt for assistant coach.   

4.     Outside LCFCA coaching clinic 

  • 1 pt for each clinic-documentation must be provided   

5.     Coaching Survey       

  • Will not be in effect until 2011 season, as 2009 Coaching Surveys are being utilized as “baseline” surveys. Actual points awarded will be determined at a later date prior to 2011 season.   

Point Deductions: 

1.     Previous Season Board Disciplinary Action**    

  • Documented Board Action Required- Loss of 5 pts 

 2.     Previous Season Event Participation (Mandatory)     

  •   Loss of 5 pts if 50% of events are not participated in 

 3.     Previous Season Coaching Clinics (Mandatory)    

  •  Loss of 5 pts if mandatory coaching clinic is not attended  

The Board of Directors reserves the right to deduct points from any individual as disciplinary action for any infraction and or misconduct.  The Board of Directors is the final authority in the selection and eligibility of any and all coaches in the LCFCA.  One (1) year as an assistant football coach is preferred prior to applying for a head coaching position.  An exception will be made for coaches in the Flag Division.

 Coaches Evaluation  

Coaches evaluations will be held each year so Coaches may observe players and cheerleaders for selection on their teams.  Coaches are working to ensure they have the right mix of players and cheerleaders with varying skills.  Coaches will use the information from the coaches evaluation in the Football and Cheerleading Draft.