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Mission Statement

LCFCA Mission Statement

To promote a positive environment in competitive youth tackle football and cheer, fostering character, athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship.




Frequently Asked Questions



Here are some commonly asked questions from parents about our league.  If you have other questions, please send an e-mail to one of the board members found on this link.  



Football & Cheerleading

What if we missed registration?

Football Players: Check the home page for any late registration dates.  If those dates have already passed let us know you would like to be placed on the waiting list.

Cheerleaders:  Once the last registration date has passed, we are unable to accept further registrations.  See the explanation under the Cheerleaders category.



Why do Cheerleaders have to be registered so early? 

We require cheerleaders to get signed up and registered early in the year so that we can give the uniform companies the amount of lead time they need in order to get our uniforms produced by the time the season begins.

Also, the uniform companies work directly with our association in sending one of their representives to our registrations in order to properly size and fit the girls for their uniforms, shoes, etc.  Logistically, we have to limit the registration dates so that we can coordinate this with the uniform companies.

Once the last cheerleading registration is complete, we have no way to properly size a cheerleaders uniform and so the order is placed.  Anyone who misses the last cheerleading registration date will have to wait and register the following year.




What does Football teach our kids?

Football is a physically and mentally demanding sport on the coaches, players and parents.  It is a great way to teach your child about dedication, loyalty and good old fashioned "hard work".  Please make the commitment with your child to come to every practice and game possible.

The first two weeks of practice with pads on, your player will come home bruised and battered.  This "break-in" period is the most difficult.  Encourage your player to "stick with it" and after about two weeks of hitting, they will "toughen up" and will get used to the contact and bruises.  You will be amazed at how "tough" your player is by the end of the season.


How many games will we play?

One game will be played by each team every Saturday weather permitting.  All Lake Cities teams will play in a two pre-season Bowl games prior to the start of the season.  The regular season will typically be 8 - 10 games.  Depending on the grade group and scheduling, some games may be played on the Corinth game fields, others will be played at the home field of the opposing team.


How many practices will we have during the week?

Football players will practice from 3-4 times during pre-season and then 2-3 times per week once the season begins (up to the discretion of the coach). 


Are there any other expenses associated with playing football?

Here are some of the other expenses you can expect during your season. 

You will need to purchase practice and game pants and the pant pads (approx $20).  Of course your player will need cleats and some old large t-shirts or you can purchase a practice jersey ($10-$15). 

Also, each team normally collects about $20-$25 to help purchase gifts for the coaches at the end of the season, a gift for the players or cheerleaders, etc...

Each player/parents will be expected to supply drinks and/or a snack for at least one game during the season.


What size football is used for each grade group? 

PK - 3rd Grade: K2 or equivalent
4th - 5th Grade: TDJ or equivalent
6th Grade: TDY or equivalent


How are the kids placed on a team?

During the month of July sometime, we will have two weekends for player to attend an evaluation/combine day.  Once all evaluations are completed, the coaches will attend the "draft" and select the kids to be on their team. 

Once selected your player will receive a phone call from his/her coach as to the first practice time, etc.


How are coaches selected?

All Coaches are USA FOOTBALL certified and agree during certification to live up to the USA FOOTBALL Code of Ethics.  For more information on this program, please click here.

Football Head coaches are selected based on a Point System which can be found under the coach's corner link.  All head coaches have background checks and drug screens.  If you are interested in coaching in LCFCA, you may inquire about this during registration.   Coaches will be contacted prior to season start to attend one or more coaches meetings.

Assistant coaches are selected by the head coach once players are drafted onto the team.  If you are interested in being an assistant coach, please let your head coach know.


What ages are eligible to play?

Football is based on grade PK-1st is Flag Football.  2nd thru 6th grade is Tackle.  Cheerleading is based on grade as well thru 13 years of age.  The age requirement is based on how old they are as of Aug 31st of the fall season they are registering for.